The world's largest online Japanese language school is now available in virtual space! "JPLT Online NIHONGO School"

Philippines - April 19, 2024 - YOKOHAMA CITY, JAPAN, together with SUBIC, PHILIPPINES—Dialogplus Group Co., Ltd., a marketing company, announced today their next largest service launch in company history with the opening of JPLT (NIHONGO Language Training) online school.
JPLT is an online NIHONGO community and school tailored with a new approach to online learning through a unique game-like metaverse campus, where NIHONGO learners from all over the world can interact and study Japanese, can be experienced 24 hours 7 days for free.
JPLT online NIHONGO school URL:
JPLT aspires to be a global educational platform that embodies principles of sustainability, inclusivity, and economic and social integration. Learning NIHONGO with everyone included is entirely free.

■JPLT Metaverse Campus: The world's largest online NIHONGO school is now accessible in virtual space!

At JPLT Metaverse Campus, all kinds of lessons take place alongside a variety of free classes and seminars. Immerse yourself in our learning space, where you can absorb and express what is learned within the virtual school naturally. Achieve all these by connecting with other Japanese language learners 24/7 in JPLT Metaverse Campus' free lounge.
The JPLT Metaverse Campus is a supportive environment where you can surround yourself with NIHONGO every day, just as you would learn your native language.

■JPLT community

Our Facebook Group is a community where all NIHONGO learners and NIHONGO teachers can come together to share their knowledge and experiences.
You will find a wealth of information and resources on Japanese culture, tips and strategies for exams like JLPT, employment opportunities, travel recommendations, and insights into life in Japan.


Explore our website to see the remarkable benefits offered by our NIHONGO learning programs.
Our pricing is not promotional; instead, it reflects a comprehensive and effective course structure based on the latest theories of second language acquisition.
At the time of opening, we will debut with three beginner-friendly courses tailored for those starting their journey in NIHONGO learning. In the future, we will continue to research and add new courses.
・Basic input courses (80 hours)
・Perfect JLPT N5 Courses(30 hours)
・Can do A1 Courses

■Business management company

Dialog Plus Philippines Corporation
Office Location: Central Business District Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Phone: +81-047-222-5070
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